about us

We create extraordinary, immersive, next-generation audio experiences with unforgettable stories that resonate and connect with audiences across the world.

who we are

Founded by actress and technologist Charlotte Melen in 2018, Almost Tangible is a community of actors, producers, directors and other creatives who want to collaborate, experiment and do things differently.

We want to actively challenges the traditional audiobook platforms and create a new category, the immersive audio experience.

Charlotte Melen

Charlotte Melen

what we do

At Almost Tangible we harness the power of technology and the talent of some of the world’s finest artists, directors and technicians to bring you audio experiences unlike anything you have heard before. We take inspiration from the creative process of film-making, and produce on this scale, on location, employing new immersive sound recording techniques.

Our goal is to create next-generation experiences you don’t just hear but feel viscerally in your body, stories that whisper down your neck and stop you in your tracks. We want to take you from passive listening to active participation by creating immersive audio experiences that puts you at the heart of the story, surrounded by the characters, quite literally ‘there’ with sound moving all around and through you.

Tricking the human ear is difficult - so we don’t try to. We free audio from the studio constraints, we bring acoustic and emotional truth to our work by recording on location in the most authentic surroundings we can find, using the real world as our backdrop and inspiration, and as our space in which to experiment.  

our creative approach

The greatest art is bound not by the ties of funding and expectation, but by the limitations of the imagination of it creators.

Artistically led, quality work is at the core of what we do. We set high standards for the quality of the artistic process and the quality of artists we work with to ensure our audience gets the most extraordinary experience possible.   

We are passionate about fostering a collaborative creative process, about allowing the time and space to experiment and making great work flourish. We work very much outside the box, asking everyone to actively challenge received paradigms about how audio should be created to find new levels of authenticity and complexity in performance and the acoustic landscape. We give ourselves the freedom to try, to fail, to discover, to explore.

Each production has a full cast of actors, who move and breathe the script as they capture the narrative. We ask our actors to learn their lines so they can give themselves over to the work and their emotional impulses within it. The result is a vibrant experiential authenticity that makes us listen attentively, persuades us to suspend our disbelief, and hits us at a visceral, subliminal level.

what next?

Our key goals over the next year are:

More collaboration. We will continue to build a network of extraordinary industry professionals who are passionate about immersive audio and who want to collaborate, experiment and do things differently. We are also building relationships with brands that are innovators in the immersive space and want to collaborate on projects that push boundaries.

Wider Community. We will be rolling out our community platform and encouraging supporters to fund, suggest, make, write and listen to a new genre of extraordinary immersive sound. We want our supporters to become part of the extended AT family by bringing them closer to the creative process, taking them behind the scenes and starting a dialogue to find out what stories THEY want to hear. We are building a global community of listeners, artists, creators, writers, producers and engineers.

Talent Incubator. We will champion new voices and new writing alongside more established pieces of work. We aim to create a platform that will help a diverse range of artists create new audio experiences and allow a broad range of genres from diverse backgrounds to flourish within the immersive audio space. We hope this will actively encourage a demographically diverse audience to form a love of theatre/literature, not just those privileged enough to automatically have access to the arts.